Some posts about Vim, tmux, R, Rcpp, Git and other stuff.

Terminals and tmux

tmux: setting active/inactive pane colours
tmux: copy/pasting between panes and windows
tmux: saving sessions with tmux-resurrect
tmux shortcuts
tmux: improving the LaTeX compile experience in Vim


vimrc features
Vim: customise syntax colours
More Vim-jitsu

R and Rcpp

Make an R package
Simple Rcpp functions
Make an R package using Rcpp
Rcpp classes (Part 1): A simple class
Rcpp classes (Part 2): Public/private/read-only fields
Rcpp classes (Part 3): Using header files
Rcpp classes (Part 4): Nested classes
Rcpp classes (Part 5): Derived classes
Unit testing in R
Writing documentation for R packages
Submitting R packages to CRAN

Git: version control and syncing

Git: how to revert to an earlier version
Git: more about the revert command
Using Git to sync different computers
Git: branch and merge (fix syncing issues)
Git and latexdiff: compare versions of LaTeX documents

Notational Velocity

Installing and setting up Notational Velocity to work with Simplenote and Dropbox


Getting started with SQL
Extracting data from SQL

Beamer templates

Installing the emerald fonts package
All emerald fonts
Beamer blackboard template (black)
Beamer blackboard template (green)
Beamer blackboard template (gray)

Quick installation on OSX

Installing Python on OSX
Installing Git on OSX
Latex and latexdiff install
Taking screenshots on OSX

Quick installation on Linux

Troubleshooting latexdiff
Quick LaTeX install
Quick Solaris setup


Unit testing in C++ with Google Test
Example 1: Minimum working example with Google Test
Example 2: separating the code and the tests with Google Test
Example 3: splitting tests into separate files and folders
Example 4: Testing an R package that uses Rcpp with testthat and Google Test
Unit testing with doctest

What is this?

Several months after making my first R package, I started to make another. The only problem was — I could not remember the procedure, and so had to spend some time learning the process all over again. The same thing happened when I recently returned to using Vim. After seeing Still Alice, I was inspired to make some short tutorials to help me remember how to do some of these (random) things.

After a friend of mine asked me a couple of questions about Vim and Rcpp, I decided to expand my personal tutorials and put them up here, and perhaps someone else will find them useful. Also, it makes it easy for me to look up the things I have trouble remembering. Although all the posts (in some way) are related to making statistical software, they are only really concerned with the programming side of things — hence the name 'statistically irrelevant'.

Almost everything on here comes from Stackoverflow posts and tips from others' websites; I've tried to give references to the original sources where possible. This website is my attempt to collect all the useful tutorials/instructions that I have come across in one place.

Credits: style file from Andrew Radev's site.